Board of Directors of M.S.K. Fertilizer Co., Ltd


                 Board of Directors of M.S.K. Fertilizer Co., Ltd has the emphasis on the developing of our products and the factor of production to comprehensive in the aspect of agriculture and suitable with all the farmland both domestic and overseas.

                 With the earnestness and extremely wishful to produce our products to has a diversity and also has the highest quality to serve the various needs of our customers. We wish to create the reliability among our customers, our company is guaranteed with the international standard for instance,

  1. Green Industry Standard Level 1 and Level 2 and we are stepping toward Level 3 respectively.
  2. The development of production system as the ISO9001.

                 We are committed to operating in a manner that protects the health and safety of employees, the public and the environment. M.S.K. wish to be the best industry when it comes to safety performance, and continually strives to improve environmental performance in order to reducing waste and increasing production process efficiency by developing our staff together with developing the machinery for producing the highest quality.

                 For the aspect of marketing in overseas, Board of Directors and International Business Officers have an opportunity to export our products to neighboring countries (ASEAN) for instance Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Under the products Brand Name RED BOAT, HORSE IN STAR, and also produce in other brand name of customers.

                 Board of Directors still committed and continually development in the agriculture for the farmers by encourage to use the factor of productions that good and has quality in order to gain the best agriculture productivity and solve the soil problems to have completeness forever.



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